EPA Ineptitude Continues to Be Revealed, Milwaukee Reporters Investigate

(See what happens when local media take matters into their own hands and ask questions about the EPA and big industry)

Reporters from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today published the results of their investigation of chemicals U.S. regulators had promised to screen for health effects 10 years ago but failed to do even now.

The newspaper reviewed more than 250 scientific studies written over the past 20 years; examined thousands of pages of regulatory documents and industry correspondence; and interviewed more than 100 scientists, physicians, and industry and government officials.

The investigation reveals millions of dollars have been spent on the EPA testing program without a single screening being done. Due to this delay and lack of testing, scientists and doctors must rely solely on animal data to study the health effects of chemicals on humans.

Further angering health advocates, the Food and Drug Administration recently pronounced the chemical BPA safe in food containers (such as water bottles and baby bottles) and not a threat to infants or adults despite numerous contrary studies.

In April The Washington Post reported that the FDA has relied on studies funded by the plastics industry over dozens of studies independently published by researchers.

“Despite more than 100 published studies by government scientists and
university laboratories that have raised health concerns about a
chemical compound that is central to the multibillion-dollar plastics
industry, the Food and Drug Administration has deemed it safe largely because of two studies, both funded by an industry trade group.”

The lack of EPA testing and conflicting FDA advice on BPA confirm a pattern of government failure eerily evidenced by the EPA’s repeated failure to protect the public from flame retardant chemicals throughout the years. 

PBDE’s are chemically similar to PCB’s, which were banned in the U.S. over 20 years ago, according to Environment California, a state based citizen environmental organization. The group reported that PBDE’s are increasingly found in breast milk in U.S. mothers in levels that could cause significant developmental delay in children and infants.


~ by heykids on August 25, 2008.

One Response to “EPA Ineptitude Continues to Be Revealed, Milwaukee Reporters Investigate”

  1. It’s just frightening how unsafe we really are.

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